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  • В настоящее время кошельки BCP находятся на профилактическом обслуживании идет обновление на стороне сервера Crex24 ввод/вывод BCP на бирже недоступен.
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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy policy

    Your privacy is important to us. To better protect you, we provide this notice explaining our principles regarding online information. After reviewing it, you can draw conclusions about how your information will be collected and used. To make this notice more accessible, we placed it at the bottom of each page where personal information may be requested.

    Information about the User located in his Profile may contain his personal data. Moreover, such personal data of the User is publicly available, and any User of the Site can familiarize themselves with them.

    Given that the personal data with the consent of the User is publicly available, however, the Site Administration, in processing the users' personal data, undertakes to take all organizational and technical measures to protect them from unauthorized access in a manner not provided for by the Site.

    However, it is possible that as a result of a malfunction of the Site, a virus or hacker attack, technical malfunctions and other circumstances, the personal data of the Users may become available to other persons. The user understands this and agrees that he will not make a claim to the Site Administration in this regard, given that he makes his personal data publicly available.

    By virtue of this Agreement, indicating your personal data on the Site, the User unconditionally agrees:

    • with the provision of personal data to an unlimited number of people through the Site;
    • with processing of personal data by the Site Administration; 
    • with the distribution of personal data through the Site; 
    •  with other actions of the Site Administration with regard to such data in connection with the operation of the Site.

    By posting your personal data on the Site, the User confirms that he does it voluntarily, and that he voluntarily provides this Information to the Site Administration for processing. If the User does not agree with the above conditions, then he must immediately delete his Profile and use the Site exclusively as an unregistered User.

    The Site Administration processes only those personal data of the User that was posted by him on the Site.

    The purpose of processing personal data of Users is to compile a database of users of the Site.

    The User’s personal data is processed using the hardware-software and hardware tools of the Site

    The User’s personal data is processed by the Site Administration during the period of their posting on the Site. If personal data posted on the Site or the User Profile is deleted, then the Site Administration stops processing it. However, the Site Administration has the right to keep an archive copy of the above user data for an indefinite period.

    The processing by the Site Administration of the User’s personal data is carried out for the purposes of the Site’s functioning and, by itself, their processing by the Site cannot entail any negative consequences for the User. Moreover, the Site Administration is not responsible for the use of Users personal data by other persons.

    The User agrees not to post the personal data of other persons on the Site, and also not to use the personal data of other Users in any way that does not meet the requirements of the laws of countries loyal to cryptocurrency, for unlawful or illegal purposes, in order to benefit and any other purposes that do not correspond the purposes of creating the Site.

    The log files of all file accesses on the website are stored and analyzed. Log files do not reflect personal information, but contain the IP address of a user who automatically recognizes our web server.

    Our Commitments to Child Confidentiality
    Protecting the privacy of minors is especially important. For this reason, we never collect or store information about those whose age we know is less than 18 years old, and not a single part of our site is designed to attract people under 18 years of age.


    This site does not store any information that, in itself, allows us to identify individual users of the service without their permission. Any cookies that can be used on this site are used either solely for the session, or to store user preferences. Cookies are not transmitted by third parties.

    Third-party services

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses the data collected to track and study the use of this website, to prepare activity reports and share them with other Google services.
    privacy policy

    Spam Defense

    The IPS Spam Defense service sends the service the email and IP addresses of the registered user to determine the likelihood that this user is the source of spam.
    Two-factor authentication (2FA, also known as two-step verification) is a type of multi-factor authentication. 2FA - is a technology that provides user identification through a combination of two different components.
    An example of two-factor authentication is Google and Microsoft authorization. When a user logs in from a new device, in addition to password-based authentication, they are asked to enter a six-digit (Google) or eight-digit (Microsoft) verification code. The subscriber can receive it by SMS, using a voice call to his phone, a confirmation code can be taken from a pre-compiled register of one-time codes, or a new one-time password can be generated by the authenticator application for short periods of time. The choice of method is carried out in the settings of your Google or Microsoft account, respectively.
    The advantage of two-factor authentication via a mobile device:
    • No additional tokens are needed, because the mobile device is always at hand.
    • The verification code is constantly changing, and this is safer than a one-factor login password

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    Third Parties

    Spam Defense
    The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source.
    Invisible reCAPTCHA
    This site uses a CAPTCHA to ensure humans are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA provider may set a session cookie and get information about your internet browser and device accessing this website.