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Rules of conduct on the site:

1. Prohibited language

2. Communication with CAPSLOCK enabled is prohibited.

3. It is forbidden to insult the project, team, and project participants.

4. It is forbidden to insult the administration / moderators of the site.

5. The manifestation of racism and discrimination, the discussion of religious and political views is prohibited.

6. The provocation of the project team is prohibited, with the intent of creating a conflict.

7. Advertising of third-party resources, channels, spam, flood is prohibited, the user will be limited (temporarily, permanently or permanently).

8. We urge you not to insult each other and not to go personal.

9. The administrator / moderator of the site can help you chat, or by tickets you created, private messages are ignored, all messages off topic are deleted.

10. For the convenience of understanding and communication, the language in the chat is Russian

11. Administrators respond to tickets in Mon-Fri mode 10: 00-19: 00 (GMT), the rest of the time the chat is moderated. For all users, chat publications are available 24/7.

12. A discussion of any topics regarding the site and projects that are posted here is welcome.

13. For questions regarding the correct operation of the site, you can contact technical support by writing an administration ticket.

Any violation can lead to a ban forever!

❗️ Chat behavior recommendations

1️⃣ Chatted - say hello

2️⃣ Something interests - ask.

3️⃣ Someone asked - answer (if you know what to answer, flood in chat is Forbidden!)

4️⃣ If you don’t understand something, we’ll figure it out together (after all, we are a team!)

❗️ Administration has the right:

1. At the first violation, issue a warning ban for several days.

2. In case of repeated violation, issue a life ban.

3. Remove unreasonable criticism regarding the site and the projects posted on it.

4. The site administration is not responsible for the dishonesty of teams of hosted third-party projects, but takes all measures to reduce the risks associated with the participation of our users