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Welcome to BCP Gaming Zone (BETA)

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  • Attention!
  • The official launch took place!
  • We celebrate this on 02.29.2020 with the opening of the first edition of the lottery series on our platform!
  • Внимание!
  • Официальный запуск состоялся!
  • Мы отметим это 29.02.2020 открытием первого тиража серии лотерей на нашей платформе!
  • Увага!
  • Офіційний запуск відбувся!
  • Ми відзначимо це 29.02.2020 відкриттям першого тиражу серії лотерей на нашій платформі!
  • Waarschuwing!
  • De officiële lancering vond plaats!
  • We vieren dit op 02.29.2020 met de opening van de eerste editie van de loterijserie op ons platform!
  • Achtung!
  • Der offizielle Start fand statt!
  • Wir feiern dies am 29.02.2020 mit der Eröffnung der ersten Ausgabe der Lotterieserie auf unserer Plattform!

GSR is a new approach to the coin mining system! We divided PoW and PoS, which replace each other every two weeks. Proof Of Work - GeyserCoin is gaining strength before the "eruption" and allows miners to get coins using their equipment. Proof Of Stake - the most profitable part of mining, giving 100% per annum!

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  2. But if your wallet is not synchronized - add these nodes: addnode = addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode =coinsmarkets.com:10556
  3. Difficulty retarget every blocks on PoW and PoS! Algorithm: scrypt Total coin supply:4500000 Pre-mine:300000 GSR ~ 6% Coinbase maturity:120 Blocks Confirmations:10 Blocks PoW revard: Algorithm: scrypt Total coin supply:4500000 GSR Pre-mine:300000 GSR ~ 6% Coinbase maturity:120 Blocks Confirmations:10 Blocks PoW reward: 3 coins reward per block after block 100800 reward: 1.5 coins per block After block 206640 reward: 0.75 conins per block After block 208910 reward: 0.375 conins per block After block 211680 reward: 0.1875 conins per block PoS interest:100% PoS reward reducing to 35% at block 645120 During phase PoW - PoS turns off RPC port: 10555 P2P port: 10556
  4. Start Lotteries is coming soon!!!
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