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Orkit Coin

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Orkit Coin Fan Club
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  2. Hello everybody !!! Each member of the Club can read. Welcome bonus 10 ORKIT COIN. Which will be distributed to each newcomer. Orkit Coin lottery 6 out of 36 is already open on the lottery platform. In each lottery, the minimum winnings cannot be less than the cost of the ticket !!! 2 matching numbers - ticket price x 1 3 matching numbers - ticket price x 3 5 matching numbers - ticket price x 7 5 matching numbers - ticket price x 10 6 matching numbers - Jackpot. Link to the lottery platform Привет всем !!! Каждый член Клуба умеющий читать. Приветственный бонус 10 ORKIT COIN. Который будет роздан каждому вновь вступившему. Orkit Coin лотерея 6 из 36 уже открыта на лотерейной платформе. В каждой лотерее минимальный выигрыш не может быть меньше стоимости билета!!! 2 совпавших номера - стоимость билета x 1 3 совпавших номера - стоимость билета x 3 5 совпавших номера - стоимость билета x 7 5 совпавших номеров - стоимость билета x 10 6 совпавших номеров - Jackpot Ссылка на лотерейную платформу
  3. Name: Orkit Coin Ticker: ORKIT Type: Full POS Algorithm: Scrypt based Money supply: 100.000.000 (will be in 30 years) Min. stake age: 6 hours Max. stake age: unlim. Coinbase maturity: 21 Blocks Confirmations: 10 Blocks Pre-mine: 10% PoS interest: 30% RPC port: 7798 P2P port: 7797 addnode= addnode=
  4. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it was decided to issue the Orkit coin, which will allow to unite disparate clans of Orcs into a single community of Orcs. From now on, it will be possible to carry out settlements with Orkit coins both within the Orc community and within the existing cryptocurrency space. All this will become a fertile ground for Orcs domination in the game world among the variety of other races. OUR ROADMAP (STAGE 1)
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